Aerial Timelapse with the DJI Mavic Pro – RAW and Processed…

Having seen a few drone shot timelapses now I thought it would be about time i gave it a go myself…

Up went the DJI Mavic Pro and at a battery per clip collected JPEG images at a rate of 2 seconds per image…

This is by far the easiest part, post production came next but first here is the final video…

Post production on timelapses is time consuming at the best of times, let alone when you introduce a camera which is free to move in any direction is wishes, I will be doing an in depth ‘how to’ over the coming week or so, but for now the rough process was this is repeated for each clip:

Collect images off the memory card.

Import in to Adobe Lightroom.

Export as DNG files (this allows the addition of metadata).

Import the DNG files in to LRTimelapse.

Generate keyframes and XMP (metadata files).

Import the DNG files to Adobe Lightroom.

Adjust exposure and colour on keyframes and images.

Import metadata back in to LRTimelapse.

Smooth exposures and deflicker in LRTimelapse.

Export TIFF files from Adobe Lightroom (lossless).

Import TIFF files in to Adobe After Effects as an image sequence.

This is how it looked before being post processed:

Each clip was then opening in Mocha and stabilised, various techniques were used and this will have to wait for the future ‘how to’…

The clips were then exported in to a lossless .MOV file (13.8Gb in size!).

I quickly put together some titles in iMovie and exported them (iMovie has quick and easy title presets).

Titles and clips were imported in to Adobe Premiere Pro.

Clips cut in time to the music.

Exported in 1080p for Youtube…

Huge amount of work for a 22 second final video but well worth it and I’ll be doing more in the future for sure…

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